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Yosoo Adjustable Neoprene Tennis Golfers Elbow Brace Wrap Arm Support Strap Band

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This elbow support is optimal for weak, tired or strained elbow.Made of breathable vented neoprene fabrics.

1.Adjustable Elbow Support.
2.Designed to help protect and support sore, weak or injured elbows.
3.Keeps the elbow stable.Extended coverage for additional support and stability.
4.Adjustable straps for a custom fit.
5.Slip-on design for easy application.
6.Breathable fabric.
7.Maigc stick for an easy wearing.
7.Fits left or right.
8.The contour design prevents bunching, slippage and discomfort, ensuring a proper fit.
9.Size: 42CM x16CM(LxW)

Who should use:
People who suffer from various kinds of elbow joint inflammation or discomfort.
People whose elbow vulnerable to injury, such as people who like do sports and who have large much daily exercise.
People who are more sensitive to hot and cold change especially the elderly people.
People with physical deficiency and need daily warm (elder people, physical weakness groups).

Always consult a Doctor for diagnosis.
Do not touch the function side of the wrap.
Make the tourmaline Elbow brace close to the body and fix the strap to the elbow area need therapy.
Appropriately adjust the tightness, snap the Velcro.
Do not soak in water, wipe with wet cloth to clean.
Place in a dry and ventilated place, avoid moisture.
pull the top of the hand back towards the elbow.

Hand wash with a mild detergent & air dry.

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The Product Reviews

  1. Review by Kristen (Posted on 5/11/17)

    This elbow brace is amazing! My joints have a hard time staying together. My elbow was partially dislocated and although it was popped back in, it felt loose. I have to move fairly heavy equipment in all directions for work. It was putting a strain on my elbow (which showed symptoms of an elbow sprain). I needed a brace to provide some support to the joint, but allow movement. This brace works amazing in that regard. It has 2 thin springs that run parallel to the elbow joint which help keep alignment. The brace stayed put the entire day and was so comfortable that at times I forgot it was on, especially since it relieved my elbow pain. I wore it to work for about a month while my elbow healed. It held up great and still looks new. I'm a 5'5" women of medium build and I wear a small in most braces (bad joints = lots of braces). This brace fit me great. I think its size will work for most women, teenagers, and men of smaller builds. This brace will not work for large framed men or large elbows as the springs will not be in the right location. My boyfriend is 6" with a medium build and this brace is too small to be comfortable for him.
    Yosoo, thank you for making a brace that fits women! Brace arrived quick. I paid full price for the brace and think its a bargain, I would have gladly paid double for the relief it gave me. Please click helpful if you think this review was (I'm trying to figure out what shoppers want in reviews).

  2. Review by fmwardalot (Posted on 12/25/16)

    Bought three elbow braces to help limit the range of motion on my left arm. Had/have issues with strains, pulls, so every year, be it spring or fall, somehow I manage to hurt the left arm. Not a tennis player by any means...just get myself into trouble raking, or seeding, or other repetitive tasks that cause pain that lasts for weeks!

    So I bought Bracoo, Yosoo, and Mueller. All get rated a 5, but they all have very different functions. In terms of support, Bracco is the toughest, i.e. limits the range of motion the most. Mueller is next, Yosoo is least limiting.

    The Bracoo bands are wide, and can apply pressure to the lateral epicondyle, as do tennis elbow straps. I use those too, but wanted to try something that limits the range of motion. Bracco is a bit tricky to put on, but once you get the hang of it, it's fine. And can be adjusted easily to match the joint. Bracco is a bit too wide and to hot, too stiff to sleep with. I have a habit of bending my elbow while counting sheep, so I was hoping to just keep the arm straight, without turning blue! Great for when I'm moving firewood, working on car. Great support.

    Mueller is a bit softer, has a sleeve that you slide on, then tighten velcro. Very easy to apply. For general support around the house, at work, driving, this is the one to use. Also too warm for sleeping, but not as stiff.

  3. Review by Leena (Posted on 8/22/16)

    The elbow brace is decent. I purchased this to help compress my elbow at the gym, however it does not compress at all, I honestly believe this is not designed for those who are physically active, more for those who have elbow pain in their every day lives. If you have big arms, do not purchase this item. If you are hoping to use this to end your pain within the gym, sports, or any activity that involves lifting something heavy, do not purchase this item. If you are using it for an everyday activity, this item would be perfect for you.

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